Webinar Replay

Replay of our How to Love ANY Photo webinar. For more great coaching and tools, don’t forget to join us in New Orleans! You can check out our retreat at http://www.beyondthecurveretreats.com. 


Self Coaching Exercise Described in Webinar:

  1. Choose a photo of yourself you don’t like – an old one, or take one for the exercise. Better yet, take several.
  2. Set a timer and for 90 seconds per photo write down all the thoughts you have about the photo.
  3. Then go back and using the distinction between thoughts and feelings that Morgan taught us earlier, identify each thought, and then write down how each thought makes you feel.
  4. Make note of any patterns you see reoccurring, or any stories about yourself or how you look that are showing up in your thoughts.
  5. Finally, look at the same photo. Spent 90 seconds describing the photo and yourself in the photo using only neutral or positive thoughts. (“I’m wearing a red dress. My hair is down.”). If you get stuck, pretend the person in the photo is someone whose appearance you don’t critique – like your grandmother. Notice how reading that description feels compared to the negative one.
  6. Notice that all that has changed is the thoughts you are saying to yourself. The photo is the same.