This unique retreat was born out of a chance connection that led to an amazing collaboration. We met online and quickly fell into deep and powerful conversations about the impacts of media, advertising, and sexism on women’s relationships with their bodies and sexuality.

The more we talked, the more we realized that our experiences as curvy women and our work as Certified Life Coaches had given us vital insights to share with other women who want to love the body they are in and feel comfortable and sexy no matter what their size. Throw in our love of luxury adventures and a desire to spoil our clients, and we knew that a truly memorable, meaningful, and life-changing weekend for other women was what we had been brought together to create!


I’m a certified cognitive life coach who works with women who want to overcome anxiety, insecurity, and inhibition so they can live – and love – with confidence, freedom, and passion. As a woman who has been every size from thin-and-curvy to gloriously Rubenesque, I know without a shadow of a doubt that the key to loving and enjoying your body lies in your mind.

When I was 18 and a thin hourglass, the cultural ideal, I was completely miserable; filled with body loathing and drowning in self-hatred. Now, at 35 and weighing the most I ever have, I’m confident, vivacious, and having the best sex and relationships of my life – and all because I changed my thoughts.

In the years between I went to law school, clerked for a federal judge, litigated to protect women’s reproductive rights, and had a couple of fellowships writing about law and feminist theory, before leaving academia behind for coaching.

My personal and professional backgrounds both inform my coaching style: I’m warm, no-nonsense, and my coaching combines everything from feminism to neuroscience with the driest wit this side of the Mississippi.

You’ll definitely laugh, you might cry (in a good way), and you’ll leave our work together changed forever. In the meantime you can find me elsewhere at


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I still remember being ten years old and hearing “You have such a pretty face, but…” Yes, I’ve always been fat, since I was a little girl. In high school, I was the sassy, fat friend to all and girlfriend to none.

All those years, I thought there was something wrong with me. But sometime in my twenties, it dawned on me: what the world said about my body wasn’t the truth. The truth, my truth, was that I was a sexy, vibrant, desirable woman–and that realization was the key to getting everything I ever wanted.

It’s true for everyone. It’s true for you.

Our culture makes it hard for any woman to love herself–especially any woman whose curves don’t fit into the narrow box of the current ideals. It turns out, you don’t have to change your body to be happy. Once you learn to change your thinking about your body, you’ll change your life. And that’s exactly what I want to teach you how to do.

As a life coach focused on body positivity and personal well-being, my mission is to point you down the path that leads to self-love, healing, and happiness.

My background in psychology, public health, and sociomedical sciences gives me a strong foundation of techniques to draw from. My loving, radical, and irreverent interaction style gives you a safe place to meet yourself head on.

Come work with me and watch your life become more than you ever imagined. Please head over to my FaceBook page in order to learn more about me.






I have been fortunate — I have a good life, good family, good friends and a successful career. Nevertheless, there were two major issues that were holding me back far more than I was willing to admit. As a direct result of my sessions with Kara, I no longer struggle with those problems. Kara does not tell you what to think. Rather, she brilliantly led a conversation that prompted me to discover/uncover a perspective shift that has changed my life. It is amazing how everything is falling into place now that I am free from those concerns. It is the kind of shift that will stay with me for a lifetime and I think I’ve only begun to see how important it will be. If you’re even remotely thinking that you could benefit from this, please do it and do it with Kara.

— Jenny B.

2Morgan has the rare ability to draw out the wellspring of joy and creativity you have buried within you. The key idea Morgan and I have worked on is discovering love for one’s body through fashion. I sought a way to show myself love and caring through treating my body as a beautiful canvas for adornment. I’ve discovered that I can channel my creativity into dressing in a way that celebrates my body and expresses my sense of self. I’ve been more and more willing to take risks that lead to rewarding results. I’ve begun dressing not for an idea imposed by someone else, but for my own joy in how my body looks and feels. I so appreciate Morgan’s ability to validate, encourage, and celebrate me for who I am.

— Tara B.

3Kara is a smart, funny, no-nonsense coach. She keeps her clients focused on the issue when they go off the tracks, and she isn’t afraid to speak the truth when her clients need to hear it. She’s able to keep things simultaneously serious and light, and she really excels in helping you recognize that the so-called facts in your life are in fact stories that aren’t serving you. I believe a phrase I often used in sessions was “This is blowing my mind!”

— Ashley G.



Morgan’s wisdom, patience, gentleness, irreverence, and humor is a protective spell when wading chest-deep through the gnarliest waters. Mostly I felt supported and strengthened — both of which are critical in moving through serious issues. Much of the time she underscores what I’m already doing and doing well, which is really hard to see when I’m feeling overwhelmed. What that does is hand me back some control and a sense of competence, at the time when I’m feeling the most out of control and incompetent. I got validation, wisdom, gentle honesty, sympathy, and love. As a mother, director, ex-wife, and stepmother-esque girlfriend, it is wonderful to have someone insist that I take care of myself. You will not know how you ever got through without her.

— Jennifer J.