How A Sexy Photo Shoot Can Change Your Body Image Forever


You’ve probably seen by now that an individual boudoir photo shoot with professional hair and makeup is part of the experience for our Beyond the Curve retreaters. It’s true that we like to spoil our clients, but that’s not why we include boudoir shoots in our retreats.

The truth is, a boudoir shoot can be a powerful, challenging, and incredibly rewarding form of body love coaching work.

First, before you book a shoot, you have to decide that it’s worth having photos of yourself. This goes against every instinct that women are bred to have about avoiding having photos taken of themselves if they don’t look like mainstream fashion models. To decide that your body is beautiful enough to memorialize on film is a huge first step and it will bring up all your “I’ll just wait until I’m thinner” thoughts.

Then, you have get comfortable with the cost. Boudoir shoots can be very expensive, running several thousand dollars for a single shoot depending on the photographer. Deciding to invest that much money in something that other people might think is silly or vain takes some serious self-coaching. This is why you often see boudoir photographers pitching their photos as a “gift” that you can give to your romantic – but we say women should feel good about giving this gift to themselves.

Then comes the big day. You show up, and you get your hair and makeup done, and then it’s time to put on something skimpy in front of a stranger with a camera. And once you’re in front of the camera, you’re being coached on your poses by the photographer, and learning first-hand that what looks sexy on film doesn’t always feel sexy when you’re creating the angles with your body in real time.

Finally it’s over, and you get to see the proofs! This is where the magic really happens. Your mean brain has all kinds of things to say about the photos. But you know that exposure to images trains our brain to like them, so you keep looking. You notice mean brain, and you look at the photos anyway.

And then suddenly you start to see bits of beauty here and there. Look how sexy your smile is in that one photo. And in this one here you’re giving such an amazing come-hither look. That one on the bed makes your legs look ten feet long. The more you look, the more you see to like. And then you start to notice the same when you look in the mirror – as you practice liking how you look in photos, you come to love your reflection more as well in daily life.

The effects of the boudoir shoot last long past the photo-shoot. Now when you see photos of women in magazines or online you know what professional hair, makeup, lighting and editing can do, and you have experienced first-hand that looking sexy on film often feels incredibly awkward when it’s happening. But most importantly, now when you think about yourself, you have the mental images from the photo shoot to call to mind – so you practice seeing yourself as the glamorous gorgeous curvy woman you are.

I won’t lie, if you have a lover or a partner in your life, showing the photos to them is a nice bonus too. But the love and appreciation for your body that you gain through the experience of a boudoir photo shoot is what truly matters.

You know where boudoir photography is happening soon? At our amazing coaching retreat in NOLA October 7-10! Come join us there!


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