What Does It Feel Like to Be Thin?


What do you think being thin feels like?

Let me guess: You’re always happy. You’re always loved. You always feel self-confident, powerful, sexy, desirable, and worthy of admiration and respect.

It’s seductive, isn’t it, this myth of thinness? Everywhere we look everyone is trying to get thin, because if you’re thin you’re happy. Right? When you’re thin you can respect yourself, you’re taking care of yourself, and everyone will respect you and take care of you in return, because you’ll finally deserve to be happy.

But when you take a closer look, it turns out that being thin literally has nothing to do with being happy.

I can prove this to you easily. Think of all your thin friends. Are they always happy? Have they ever experienced a breakup? Has anyone ever lied to them or hurt their feelings? Have they ever tried for a job they didn’t get, or had a family member be cruel, or had someone cheat on them, or been turned down for a date?

Unless you live in Narnia, I’m betting the answer to all those questions is a resounding yes. People of all sizes and shapes succeed and fail. People of all sizes and shapes find love or experience heartbreak (and usually both). People of all sizes and shape are accepted or rejected by their families, fight with their romantic partners, have good luck and bad. If you read the tabloids even supermodels experience suffering. Tom Brady cheated on Gisele Bundchen. The most conventionally beautiful woman in the world experiences love and heartbreak as much as you do.

Let that sink in. It’s important because the only reason we ever want to lose weight (the only reason humans every do anything, actually) is because we think it will feel good. Either we think it will fix pain we are in, or we think it will add pleasure. So when you think that if you lost weight you would be more loved, respected, or accepted, you will be obsessed with losing weight. How could you not?

But that belief is based on the completely false premise that thin people are more loved, respected, and accepted and that if you were thin you could experience all those feelings and that you can’t experience them while fat.

The truth is, people of all sizes suffer. And people of all sizes find love, happiness, and acceptance. And if you feel you don’t have those things in your life right now, I guarantee it’s because you don’t believe you deserve them at your current size. That belief creates vibrations in every area of your life, your relationship with yourself, and your relationship with others.

So ironically it’s true that you are unhappy because of your weight – but it’s because of your thoughts about your weight. Those thoughts are what are making you unhappy. It’s very difficult to permanently change your weight – impossible for most people actually. But changing your thoughts? That’s something you can do.

And we can teach you how. For a few quick steps in the right direction, check out our opt-in here.

To really tackle these self-limiting beliefs once and for all, join us in October in New Orleans. Learn to love your body and have more fun doing it than you can imagine.

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