Stories From Coaching: Lila and Instagram


croppmebglasses catt.png

I had such a fascinating session the other day that I must share it with you. My client is Lila, a radical woman here in Portland, whom I am also proud to call a friend. She works in an artistic field and the ideas of presentation and beauty are always in the forefront of her mind because of this.


Lila is a photographer but had not let anyone take a picture of her for years. She took snaps of herself every day, but not for sharing, for self-critiquing. Lila knows that she has her own thoughts of her face and body but she has been influenced by her career, our culture, and her mother’s thoughts on beauty to the point that she can barely even see herself (Lila also has Body Dysmorphic Disorder). This all made if very hard for her to appreciate her body, or herself, really.

At the beginning of 2016, Lila made a decision that she needed to change her thinking in order to continue to function in the world and do a job she loves. She also started working with me as a Life Coach and we have been making real progress together. Lila has become more active by taking fat dance classes and swimming, but not for weight loss. She loves to move her body and it feels good. She has always expressed herself through her fashion and continues to do so with a surprising result.

Lila started a new Instagram. Instead of photos from her travels or her delicious vegan cooking, Lila’s new Insta is almost exclusively shots of her. She enlisted her friends and family to take pictures of her every day and she now posts them for the world to see. Much to her surprise, in after a few months, she has over 3,500 followers. Even better, she feels liberated by posting these pictures. Beyond having fans who love her style, she can see herself with more clarity because the interface and photos are outside of her head. Lila says that creating the account has given her more confidence and also made her actually happy to have other people see her. She loves that she provides a space for people to see a real body and feel like they belong.

Want to get fantastic coaching like Lila? Come to the retreat (October 7-10, 2016) in New Orleans to be coached as see what you can learn about yourself!



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