New Orleans, LA
Date: TBD

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You know you’re supposed to love your body… but it’s hard. Most of the women you see on TV, online, and in magazines don’t look like what you see when you look in the mirror.

The ads you see on Facebook are full of diet talk, and half your friends’ posts are bikini shots, diet supplement pitches, or “before and after” weight loss comparisons.

How can you tune out the noise and love the body you’re in when everything around you is telling you that you should look a little – or a lot – different than you do?

It makes loving your body another chore, one more to-do on the endless self-improvement list, another character-building exercise you’re not doing right or enough.

But what if the problem is that you have never had access to the experience and wisdom of those who have been on your journey and have made it to the other side?

What if you truly could learn to love the curves of your body from the inside out?


And what if you could do that on an indulgent getaway with like-minded women and experienced body love guides? The good news— no, the BEST NEWS, is that you can. You can learn to love your body, and so much faster than you think – and you can have a joyous, pleasurable, and FUN time doing it!



New Orleans, LA
Date: TBD

Beyond The Curve is your ticket to the self-love and confidence you always wanted, but never knew how to find. Our retreats take you deep within to discover your inner body-positive, sex-positive badass. Leave a long weekend with the knowledge that you are luscious, desirable, and delicious… to your partners and lovers and, most importantly, yourself.

You’ll discover that loving your body actually begins in your mind and you’ll learn the tools you need to begin that journey.

You’ll experience new exciting ways to connect with your body. You’ll make friends with other amazing women, reclaim your own inner resources, and discover new tools to nurture self-love (we’re talking individual boudoir photography shoots and a burlesque workshop, just to start).

But most importantly, you’ll learn how you can feel beautiful, embody confidence, and love your body, exactly as it is right now, without changing anything except your mind.

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The excitement starts the minute you step off the plane and experience New Orleans. It’s impossible not to be seduced by the city…the oak-shaded boulevards, the elegant mansions, the undulating Mississippi River.

It’s a quick and easy taxi ride to our home for this revolutionary event, an incredible historic home in the heart of the city. This unique mansion, built around the turn of the 20th century, was once the Mexican Consulate.


Now it’s our own remarkable retreat house, where every funky bedroom is decorated in an authentic New Orleans style and has an en-suite bathroom. Private rooms, shared rooms, and a few gorgeous suites (single occupancy) are available, all on a first-served basis.


The comfortable beds and vintage bathtubs are enticing, but it’s the beautiful common living areas and landscaped backyard that really shine, offering a comfortable scene for coaching sessions and lounging.

Speaking of lounging, bring your bathing suit for plenty of soaking in the heated indoor private pool! (You read that right. Heated. Indoor. Private. Pool.) And let’s be clear: We don’t mean a small lap pool. We mean a 90-year-old full-length tiled pool enclosed by a skylight-studded blue dome, with a full horseshoe bar (sourced from the historic New Orleans Jackson Brewery).


So that’s the setting. Now what will we do? Short version: ALL THE AMAZING THINGS. (Ok, not literally all the amazing things, but a lot of them).

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Friday night welcome party: Experience your first coaching session with Kara and Morgan, meet the amazing women with whom you’ll share the weekend, sip libations created by our on-site bartender, and begin the process of loving the skin you’re in.


Small-group coaching sessions each day: Gather together to learn, talk, think, dream, practice, and expand. Kara and Morgan will teach and coach you as you learn new pathways into loving your body and feeling confident.

Individual deep-dive coaching session: Enjoy a one-on-one session with Morgan or Kara during which we will bring our laser coaching abilities to bear on anything particularly sticky, private, or sensitive about your relationship with your body that is coming up for you during the workshop or in the rest of your life.


Burlesque class: Experience a burlesque and creativity workshop with Bella Blue, renowned burlesque performer and teacher, who will teach you how to experience the magic of creation and connection with your body through sultry movement and dance.


Boudoir photography: Unfold before the camera in a one-on-one photo shoot with our experienced photographer, who specializes in body-positive boudoir shoots. Professional hair and makeup services will help your natural beauty shine through on film. Following the retreat, you’ll receive a dozen edited digital files and an 8×10 print of your choice – we suggest framing it and hanging it on your bedroom wall!

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Paint the town red!: Doll up and head out for an indulgent night on the town with your coaches and new friends. We’ll have cocktails and dinner at a fantastic New Orleans restaurant, then get funky with some famous New Orleans music.


Private time: You’ll have plenty of time for contemplation, exploring the city, luxuriating in the pool, and indulging in the delights of our private mansion during the afternoons. Take in some of New Orleans’ many tourist attractions, or rest and relax while you absorb everything you’re learning.

Gourmet meals: You won’t have to lift a finger in the kitchen; our gourmet chef will be serving up delicious breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily, starting with dinner Friday night and ending with breakfast on Monday—with plenty of snacks in between to fuel the fun. (Any required food restrictions can be accommodated – but leave your diet brain at home!)


An inspiring and effective body-positivity reader, hand-curated by Morgan and Kara, to give you a head start on our work in New Orleans and serve as a resource after the retreat is over.


A follow-up online group session to the keep the momentum going after the retreat is over. We’ll meet online to share insights, celebrate successes, and address any new challenges you’ve encountered in your thinking about your body and mind.


A private Facebook group that you’ll be able to join before the retreat so we can all get to know each other a bit before we arrive. Then you can stay in touch with your friends and your coaches to ensure the benefits you discover this weekend truly resonate throughout your life.